TAC embarks on a local fundraising drive

With the global shift in funding priorities, crucial funding for HIV programmes has dwindled but the need for such funding still remains. The dwindling of funds affects many local programmes that are heavily dependent on traditional donors in order to survive and continue making a difference in saving lives through treatment and prevention of HIV and TB.

At the 16th International Conference on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (ICASA), UNAIDS Executive Director echoed this concern, “I am scared by unfolding events and that global funding for HIV is declining for the first time.”

We cannot sit back and wait for this problem to resolve itself; we need to take concerted effort to defend the progress we have made in HIV treatment and prevention. The need for funding is real to ensure that we continue making strides in HIV&TB treatment and prevention.

It is against this backdrop that TAC embarks on a fundraising drive to raise funds from individuals across South Africa, believing that each one of us can make a difference in ensuring that we don’t go back on the gains that have been made. The organisation has engaged 4 passionate telephone fundraisers who will contact individuals to ask for donations. Our fundraisers, Cindy Mkaza, Tano Mwera, Josephine Makwendi and Andile Madondile will start contacting potential givers via telephone in March 2012.

You can help

  • Go to the TAC website & donate online (Tax deductible for South African donations)
  • Ask friends, family & colleagues to do the same
  • TAC welcomes any contributions but please consider making a monthly contribution
  • Invite us to come and speak to your family, friends and/or colleagues
  • Spread this message far and wide

Why give to TAC

TAC is an award winning social movement campaigning to save the lives of people living with HIV and TB. In the 12 years since it was established TAC has helped to save and better millions of people’s lives in South Africa. It has also contributed to the deepening of democracy in South Africa, through its use of the courts, advocacy and promotion of human rights constitutionalism. Internationally, TAC has been one of the most influential AIDS activist movements; an organisation that has catalysed action on HIV/AIDS across the world.

But TAC is not just about its past achievements. Our organisation continues to do critical work to alleviate the HIV and TB epidemics. For example in the last few months we have helped develop the new National Strategic Plan on HIV, TB and STIs (2012-2016), resolved a shortage of a critical medicine for treating a fatal opportunistic infection and brought together clinicians, government and civil society organisations to take action against the TB epidemic. Our HIV and TB policy briefings are influential and are read and debated by thousands of people. We also publish Equal Treatment, arguably the best popular health magazine in the developing world.

Our volunteers distribute over five million condoms a year and our treatment literacy practitioners provide information about HIV treatment to patients in clinics in much of the country. Our 130 branches identify problems in clinics and try to get local health authorities to work effectively.

You can become part of this inspiring work by making donation now.

For enquiries, contact Deena Bosch on +27 21 422 1700.

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