Tac in time

    Key moments 1998-2023

    Tac in time

    Key moments 1998-2023

    1. December 1998

      TAC is launched on the steps of St George’s Cathedral

    2. March to October 2000

      TAC launches civil disobedience campaign, openly importing a generic of Fluconazole/Diflucan, an antifungal drug from Thailand in protest of excessive pricing and profiteering by Pfizer. It is named after activist Christopher Moraka, one of TAC’s volunteers who had died from cryptococcal meningitis. After Pfizer announces a Diflucan donation project, TAC establishes a ‘Diflucan Watch’ to ensure accountability.

    3. July 2002

      The Constitutional Court rules in favour of TAC, forcing government to provide nevirapine to pregnant mothers

    4. May 2016

      In a landmark judgment, the silicosis class action is certified promising new hope of justice for thousands of mineworkers.

    5. July 2016

      TAC leads a march of over 8,000 people through the streets of Durban demanding #treatment4all across the world as the International AIDS Conference is held in Durban, 16 years after the landmark 2000 conference.

    6. November 2016

      The convictions of the #BopheloHouse94 are overturned in the High Court. This is a major victory for the right to protest.

    7. August 2017

      The long awaited intellectual property (IP) policy is finally released by Cabinet after 6 years of campaigning — a major victory for TAC & the Fix the Patent Laws campaign #FixPatentLaw

    8. 2019

      TAC led the establishment of Ritshidze — the world’s largest community-led monitoring system, gathering evidence to determine the quality services provided at 400 clinics and community healthcare centres, across eight provinces in the country.

    9. 2020

      TAC & HIV i-Base create the Modern ART app — a free to download app as a way for people living with HIV to access the latest information about their treatment.