TAC clarifies misleading press report

An article published in The Times on Thursday, 24 January may have created a misleading impression in relation to the TAC’s NPO status.

We have sent the below letter to The Times to clarify the situation and to request a correction.


Dear Ms Prince

This email concerns yesterday’s article in The Times ( concerning the NPO Directorate’s recent deregistering of many organisations and marking others as non-compliant.

The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) was mentioned both in the article and in the caption accompanying an image. It was implied that TAC could be “on the brink of financial collapse” as a result of being either deregistered or earmarked as noncompliant. The article did not specify which classification had been given to TAC.

TAC has been earmarked as non-compliant, and has not been deregistered. This means that the NPO Directorate has sent notice to TAC to submit the required documentation to avoid being deregistered.

TAC is therefore in no danger of losing funding as a result of this recent reclassification of the organisation, provided we submit our required documentation shortly.

Please rectify the above inaccurate information to avoid any unnecessary donor concerns over TAC’s financial viability that may arise as a result of the article being published.