HIV & TB Response

South Africa experiences condom crisis

From the last few weeks South Africa has been experiencing a nation wide shortage of government condoms which may result into high HIV infection during this festive season. As a result the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) Khayelitsha and Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) managed to get so 1million male condoms from the MSF donor. We manage to distribute 6 000 male condoms and 5 000 female condoms that we got from the Medical Store in Ndabeni.The condoms were firstly distributed in the clinics around Khayelitsha.These clinics, Khayelitsha Day Hospital ,Kuyasa Clinic ,Matthew Goniwe Clinic ,Mayenzeke Clinic ,Nolungile Youth Clinic ,Zakhele Clinic ,Michael Mapongwana clinic and the following areas Makhaza ,BM section ,Driftsands and SST.

“I do believe that we still need more condoms and we as TAC Khayelitsha we are going to make sure that all areas are fully secured with condoms in this dark moment and we are still receiving calls demanding more condoms” said Thobela Vika TAC Khayelitsha -Condom distributor .