The TAC National Council is made up of its national office bearers, seven provincial chairpersons, provincial coordinators and our close partners; it is the highest decision making body between congresses. The National Council met over two days on the 18-19 July 2013 and amongst the issues we discussed was the national chairperson’s resignation.

Ms Nonkosi Khumalo has served the cause of AIDS activism in South Africa since she joined TAC in 2001. She has been an outstanding and self-sacrificing leader whose commitment has saved many lives and advanced our cause. We honour her for this.

However, the TAC Office Bearers have been informed of certain serious charges against Ms Khumalo by her employer SECTION27, including dishonesty and fraud, that came about after an independent inquiry initiated by SECTION27.

TAC has always stood for principles of accountability and total honesty. In the light of these charges and the understanding that TAC’s leaders must be beyond reproach Ms Khumalo has resigned from both TAC and SECTION27, and her resignation has been accepted with immediate effect. We accept her decision and appreciate that it is a difficult and painful one.

TAC would like to make it clear that we promote and maintain a high standard of professionalism and ethical behaviour. We believe that this standard must be upheld across government, the private sector and within civil society organisations.

For media enquiries please contact:

TAC national Deputy Chairperson – Anele Yawa


Cell: 073 555 8849

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