Release Drs. Kamiar and Arash Alaei

Drs. Kamiar and Arash Alaei, two prominent HIV physicians have been imprisoned in Iran since June 2008. Please sign the Physicians for Human Rights petition calling for their release. Also, please contact the Iranian mission to the UN and urge the Iranian government to release them.

Update on 20 January: It appears Kamiar and Arash Alaei have been imprisoned again. See this report in the New York Times:

Photo taken from Physicians for Human Rights website.

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On January 19th Arash and Kamiar were sentenced to 6 and 3 years imprisonment respectively and their lawyer was given 20 days to appeal. We need to do everything that we can before then to get the charges dropped and we’re now asking Ayatollah Khamenei (Supreme Leader of Iran) to call for their immediate release. we sent more than 2,000 emails through our petition to the Iranian mission to the UN last month – and we can do it again if you take 2 minutes to click the link now.

There’s a new petition (to the Ayatollah) up on, for you to sign and forward on to others. If you signed one of the earlier petitions we still need you to sign this one (because it’s going to a different person), and really appreciate your help with forwarding it on others who haven’t heard about this yet. If you don’t want to forward the petition through the website please invite friends to join this group instead.

Please sign the petition at

Drs. Kamiar and Arash Alaei, two prominent HIV physicians have been imprisoned in Iran since June 2008. Please join the call to the Iranian government to drop the charges against them by signing the Physicians for Human Rights petition at the link below.

Here is a message from Physicians for Human Rights. TAC endorses it:

After being held without charge for 6 months, Arash and Kamiar were subjected to a perfunctory trial last week, and found guilty of communicating with an enemy state, as well as other secret charges the Iranian government refused to reveal. PHR believes these to be politically motivated and illegitimate charges, leveled in a patently unfair court proceeding. We fear for the health, safety and human rights of these well known doctors.

Please take action TODAY to help free Kamiar and Arash.

Contact the Iranian Mission to the UN and urge Iran to release the brothers so they can continue their life-saving AIDS work.

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Doctor Arash Alaei and Doctor Kamiar Alaei are two Iranian physicians who have reportedly been detained in by Iranian authorities. The physicians, who are brothers, were apparently arrested at the end of June, 2008 and their current whereabouts are unknown. Physicians for Human Rights calls on the government of Iran to disclose their whereabouts, provide them access to lawyers and family, and either to charge them with an internationally recognized crime or release them immediately.

Both men have played a crucial role in putting the issues of drug use and HIV/AIDS on Iran’s national health care agenda. They have worked closely with government and religious leaders to ensure support for education campaigns on HIV transmission, including those targeting youth, and for HIV and harm reduction programs in prisons.

What you can do:

Please stand up for them by joining the campaign at – take a photo of yourself holding our sign and upload to:

Organize others in your community, ask friends and colleagues to take a picture – spread the word to fight HIV/AIDS in Iran and free the Alaei brothers