Hundreds march to Khayelitsha Hospital to demand urgently improved services

KHAYELITSHA, 27th March 2014: Over 500 health activists from the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) marched to Khayelitsha Hospital to demand urgent action to address the ongoing problems in accessing quality treatment and care services. The TAC is frustrated with the ongoing high volume of complaints about poor treatment and care at Khayelitsha Hospital following numerous complaints by community members facing ill treatment. As an organisation that fought for equal access to health services, TAC are compelled to again intervene in this matter and have collected further testimonials from those directly affected.   

Initially on 14th May 2013, the TAC first submitted a list of complaints to the hospital’s management including 30 testimonials from patients treated at the hospital. Complaints include long waiting times to be seen in the emergency department, lack of bed capacity, poor treatment by hospital staff and insufficient doctors to meet demand. The behaviour of Khayelitsha Hospital staff was mentioned in a number of testimonials. On 14th August 2013 the TAC and the community members marched to Khayelitsha Hospital to deliver a memorandum to the CEO of Khayelitsha Hospital, explaining our concerns.  

After the march the TAC met with Hospital CEO, Anwar Kharwa and with the Khayelitsha Hospital Board requesting a strategy to address these issues and complaints. However, despite numerous meetings and engagements with Khayelitsha Hospital after the march in August 2013 we continue to have community members coming to TAC offices complaining about poor treatment and care. You can read the TAC’s memorandum delivered to Khayelitsha Hospital on 27th March 2014 below. 

We expect a report back from the Hospital within 10 days. 

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