End of 2014 Update on TAC’S Financial Crisis

Following its launch of the Save TAC and Save Lives campaign in early November, the TAC went on a massive public fundraising effort.  We wish to thank all the individuals and organizations who rallied to our appeal to Save TAC and Save Lives.

On 12 December 2014 TAC’s Board of Directors met to assess the outcomes of this campaign and TAC’s financial viability in 2015.  The Board was pleased to note that between 1 November and 1 December we were able to use the media and individual meetings to reach out to hundreds of thousands of people across the world. The response was overwhelming:

*            Whilst the results are being audited, we were extremely happy to record that over 350 individual donations as well as contributions by several foundations, Equal Education, the Canon Collins Trust and two corporates, Discovery and Remgro, raised nearly R2m.

*            In addition TAC branches worked hard raising over R100,000 in donations from within our communities and volunteers.

*            TAC declined kind offers of financial support from two large pharmaceutical companies, in line with decisions of the TAC National Council.

*            Finally our resource mobilisation team has continued its hard work and has been able to finalise a major new funding agreement for approximately R11m in 2015.

On the basis of all of the above TAC has now been able to raise approximately 60% of our estimated budget for 2015/16. On this basis we are extremely happy to announce that TAC will not face either closure or a dramatic scaling back of our programmes. Indeed, our aim is to step up our five key campaigns in 2015.

However, TAC and other civil society organizations’ financial situation remains very difficult. There is no cause for complacency. A new funding model is needed. We will therefore continue our direct fundraising appeal throughout 2015 under the theme ‘Invest in Social Justice! Invest in activism! Invest in AIDS prevention!’ We are pleased to announce that this will include a partnership with Johnny Clegg to raise money for TAC’s campaigns to create greater awareness and political commitment to stopping TB and MDR-TB. Part of this campaign will involve a concert in Johannesburg in June 2015 by Johnny Clegg and friends which will aim to raise R1m for TAC’s campaigns to halt the TB epidemic.

Thank you for your support and belief. AIDS is not over, so neither are we!

We wish you a safe and restful holidays. Drive safely. Drink safely. Make love safely. Take your medicines.

TAC’s offices and now closed until 5 January 2015.

For comment contact:

Mark Heywood, member of TAC Board of Directors, 083 634 8806

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