Edendales poor planning cost peoples lives

A young man from KwaShange was turned blind by the HIV Virus. He was born 35 years ago and has been living with HIV.

Sbususo Duma is living in KwaShange with his unemployed mother. He had been sick for the past year with TB and during that time he discovered he was HIV positive. He went for CD4 count testing and found out that he was eligible for ARVs. He then entered into the programme in February 2009. He waited for Edendale hospital to call him to come and receive treatment. Edendale was facing a crisis. They did not have enough staff and the pharmacy was too small to accommodate all the patients. It’s still is.

In March this year he started to have blurred vision and then a month later became completely blind. Since then things had changed drastically at home. His mother is not working and he did not receive a grant and was waiting for his Identity Document.

In order for him to go to the clinic, he and his mother had to spend about R100. He could no longer work due to his blindness. He had to learn to walk around the house and to the bus stop.

I approached the Office of the premier HIV/AIDS chief directorate and Thobile Yengwa went and saw Sbusiso. She then referred him to Dennis from SASSA who took the matter as an emergency. Sbusiso did get his grant. In August 2009 he started his ART treatment but unfortunately for him and his mother it was too late

Sbusiso died after starting his treatment for 2 weeks. He will be greatly missed. So this is what happens with poor planning. We destroy people’s lives.

Written by: Zonke Ndlovu

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