Campaigning for better Sexual and Reproductive Health for Women

On 07 May 2009, TAC Ekurhuleni hosted a consultative meeting on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) for 22 men and women from the North, East and South regions of the district. The meeting was facilitated by Nomfundo “Nono’ Eland who is the national coordinator for the Women’s Rights Campaign in TAC. This was to discuss issues around health services and education about sexual and reproductive health and how to address these within the district. Ekurhuleni is one of the districts with a very high rate of gender based violence, particularly rape and hate crime against lesbians, men having sex with men (MSM), bisexuals, transgender and intersex in the Gauteng Province. All participants were in agreement about a serious need for an ongoing awareness campaign about the rights of women and young women within the district in order to address the issue of gender based violence.

Men in this meeting committed to forming men forums in their communities to educate other men about the importance of having men in the forefront of the struggle to end violence against women and children; to understand women’s sexual and reproductive rights in order to provide better care and protection for the women in their communities. There will be ongoing meetings taking place at the branch level.

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