ASASA Rules Against Revivo


The Advertising Standards Authority of Southern Africa (ASASA) ruled that advertising of the herbal supplement Revivo must be withdrawn in South Africa. Revivo advertising made unsubstantiated and misleading claims that the product works as a treatment for HIV. The ASASA ruling was made in response to a consumer complaint lodged by Patrick Linzer.

TAC is very grateful to Mr. Linzer for making the compliant against Aconite Medical Suppliers cc, the company that produces Revivo. Aconite Medical Suppliers cc has been misleading consumers in order to make a profit. We encourage people to follow Mr. Linzer’s example and to lodge complaints against quack remedies with ASASA. It is through this kind of citizen’s engagement that TAC’s work in opposing quackery is supported.

In general, lodging a consumer complaint is simple if the advertisement makes unfounded claims about treating or curing a disease listed in Appendix F of the code: Simply write an email to ASASA, complaining that the advertisement is in breach of appendix F. Complaints can be sent to or you can use the complaint form on the ASASA website:

Revivo advertising made false claims that the supplement acts against HIV, increases one’s CD4 count and lowers one’s viral load. Revivo has not undergone clinical trials and there is no scientific basis for these claims. ASASA ruled that Revivo advertising was in contravention of Clause 2 in Appendix F of the ASASA code.

In response to the consumer complaint, Revivo producers have shut down the website However the website remains active. South Africa is not the first country to rule against the false claims made by Revivo advertising. In 2005 the Food and Drug Administration in the United States cautioned the producers of Revivo for falsely advertising the product as a treatment for HIV, which is in contravention of US law.

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