Staying on HIV treatment

Once on treatment, it is important to recognise that people living with HIV live dynamic lives, may be late for and/or miss appointments, and may even miss taking some pills. When they do, the public health system should meet them with support when they return to the clinic. But often, when people living with HIV return to the clinic they are treated badly. Others who move to a new place or relocate for work, can be denied ARVs because they do not have a transfer letter — something that is not required by ART guidelines to start/restart ARVs.

TAC believes that all people living with HIV starting or restarting treatment should be treated with dignity and respect. People returning to care should be treated with compassion to ensure that they can restart treatment easily, without being shouted at or sent to the back of the queue. TAC is pushing for the proper implementation of the National Department of Health’s adherence guidelines. TAC is monitoring and exposing cases where people are sent away empty handed for not having a transfer letter.