Corruption is a major contributor to South Africa’s economic difficulties and the collapse of the healthcare system. Corruption and theft of public funds is rife in the Department of Health, taking away resources needed for quality healthcare delivery. Examples abound. The release of the SIU reported the misuse of R1.2 billion from health department coffers between 2007 and 2012 under Brian Hlongwa’s watch as well as the misuse of R150 million in the Digital Vibes saga under the watch of Dr Zweli Mkhize. Clinics and Community Health Centres (CHC) are not immune from this behaviour.

Government must be held accountable to introduce strict measures to prevent corruption and to prosecute all those responsible for theft of public funds meant for healthcare. TAC will continue to publicly call out corruption and corrupt officials who take resources from citizens at all levels — including local, district, provincial and national levels.