AIDS & cryptococcal meningitis

AIDS — or advanced HIV — means that a person’s CD4 count has fallen below 200 and they are more at risk of getting other illnesses. In South Africa almost a third of people living with HIV start treatment with a low CD4 count. The lower the CD4 count, the more at risk people are to get other illnesses and possibly die.

Advanced HIV is a major challenge for people starting treatment late, or restarting treatment after an interruption. Easier and quicker diagnosis and treatment needs to be made available. For those scared to return to the facility because of being shouted at, or those denied ARVs because they don’t have an ID or transfer letter, or because they are a member of a key population, the results can be dire. TAC is committed to advocacy to ensure clinics are welcoming and to improve diagnostics and treatment for people with AIDS and cryptococcal meningitis.