Why Social Activism is Critical to Making Democracy Work: “Twitter Townhall” Thursday 7pm

On Monday Daily Maverick journalist Stephen Grootes wrote: “Saving the TAC would give us many things. It would save a voice that South Africans have created that speaks truth to power. A rare, apolitical voice. It would keep alive a network across the country that still saves lives to this day. It would make sure that the war against AIDS occupies more of the centre-stage than it does now, while ensuring our culture changes to embrace those who are positive. And it would make us a better country.”

WHAT: On Thursday 6th November leaders from the Treatment Action Campaign including Anele Yawa (AY) and Nkhensani Mavasa (NM), SECTION27’s Executive Director Mark Heywood (MH), together with prominent political activist and former Minister Jay Naidoo will engage in a “twitter townhall” to discuss the role social activism and civil society movements play within our democracy.

“As a country, we need more than just politicians. We need activists, people who do things most of us in the middle-classes would shy away from. We need people who are not afraid to take on government when necessary, but who are not actually politicians themselves. We also need people who are big enough to make peace with those who were once enemies.” (Grootes).

WHEN: The discussion will be broadcast on twitter using #SaveTAC from 7pm – 8pm (Central Africa Time) on Thursday 6th November evening.

GET INVOLVED: We call on interested individuals to follow the debate and encourage you to tweet your questions and comments to @TAC using #SaveTAC. Tweets from @TAC will start with the initials of the leader responding. Follow the below accounts to engage! See you there.