HIV & TB Response

Transcript of Edward’s message

People must support TAC. Because the government is dragging its feet for 4 years. TAC is negotiating with the Government to implement a national treatment plan. So now I think it is high time that TAC has started a civil disobedience to show the government that 600 people a day are dying of HIV/AIDS. We want to ordinary people in South Africa to have these antiretrovirals. It is no good for me to be on antiretrovirals and my friends on the ground are dying so why isn’t the government… I personally… when the government say they don’t want to sign… the reason they don’t want to sign… I think the government is talking nonsense because people are dying every day.
So I am urging the people all over the world to support TAC to show solidarity with South Africa – we are dying. As a person living with HIV/AIDS I am very fortunate to be a member of TAC. What about the person who came off the streets who knows nothing about the treatment? So please- the world must support us, the world must be with us. I want to salute all the comrades who went on this civil disobedience and I pledge that I wanted to give them my…I wanted to be part of it. Unfortunately I am sick. I am laying here in a hospital and TAC is doing everything for me. Please I beg you…