TAC – Taking HAART: Our history is now at a theatre near you!

The Treatment Action Campign’s struggle for antiretroviral treatment has been captured in a beautiful documentary produced by Community Media Trust. The documentary starts showing at the Tri-Continental Film Festival tommorrow!

Watch this one-minute trailer.

Taking HAART provides a fly on the wall view of how outrage ignited a movement that united people across race and class, one that developed a well educated cadre deeply versed in the issues it confronted, built coalitions, used the courts, peaceful protest and civil disobedience to achieve its objectives. TAC plays a critical role in showing how the bill of rights entrenched in the South African constitution can be used to win social and economic rights and to change government policy. It is through this mass movement that the right to universal access to treatment was won. Thousands of hours of footage gathered by journalists at Community Media Trust, the producers of Beat It, a weekly AIDS television show, make up this fast paced documentary that captures an important era of recent South African history. As part of a national campaign, TAC-Taking HAART contains never before seen footage, leading viewers through one of the most extraordinary struggles in post-apartheid So uth Africa. The film raises the moral culpability of those responsible for withholding treatment while standing as a heartfelt tribute to those who have died and to those who have engaged in over a decade of remorseless activism led by the Treatment Action Campaign.

Here are the screenings at the Tri-Continental Film Festival:

Fri 9 Sept – 20:00, Maponya Sterkinekor – Soweto
Sat 10 Sept – 14:15, Rosebank Mall Nouveau – Johannesburg
Tues 13 Sept – 20:00,  Maponya Sterkinekor – Soweto
Wed 14 Sept – 19:30, Bioscope – Johannesburg

Thurs 22 Sept – 20:00, Brooklyn Mall Nouveau – Tshwane/Pretoria
Sat 24 Sept – 20:00, Brooklyn Mall Nouveau – Tshwane/Pretoria

Sat 17 Sept – 14:00, V&A Cinema Nouveau – Cape Town
Wed 21 Sept – 20:00, V&A Cinema Nouveau – Cape Town
Fri 23 Sept – 17:30, V&A Cinema Nouveau – Cape Town

Book while there are still tickets at Ster Kinekor or call Ticketline 082 16789 (value added service rates apply) or book in cinema at the self-service terminals (SSTs) or Box Offices.