TAC sit in at Thelle Mogoerane Hospital

The Gauteng health system is buckling with almost daily reports of challenges and peoples’ dignity and right to healthcare violated. While the spotlight this week is rightly on the Life Esidimeni arbitration hearings, that tragedy is unfortunately symptomatic of the wider collapse of the public healthcare system in Gauteng. One particularly shocking example is Thelle Mogoerane Hospital (former Natalspruit) in Vosloorus. The Sowetan reported a number of concerns related to mismanagement and staff shortages. One nurse was quoted saying “sometimes only two nurses look after 45 patients”. Sewage spillages at the hospital are reportedly ongoing.

Complaints made directly to TAC and our own monitoring at the Hospital show negligence, poor staff attitudes, overcrowded and dirty facilities, long waiting times, and even patients being turned away. Of major concern are the long waiting times in the casualty ward. Often people wait many hours to be seen in emergency situations – an issue of life or death.

On Friday TAC comrades visited the Hospital to find more than 100 people on strike due to safety concerns and anger at hospital mismanagement. The labour ward was empty yet pregnant women were being turned away. The doctor had not arrived. People who needed bloods taken were being told to return another day. The Pharmacy was closed. 

The situation at Thelle Mogoerane Hospital is deplorable. This is not healthcare! People should feel safe and secure at the thought of a hospital. They shouldn’t fear for their lives if they are admitted. They shouldn’t wait all day for urgent emergency medical attention. They should not feel stressed, wondering if they will be assisted or not. This is not a nice-to-have, it is a constitutional right.

Today TAC will stage a sit in at Thelle Mogoerane Hospital. We have notified Gauteng MEC of Health Dr Gwen Ramakgoba, the District Health Manager, and the CEO of Thelle Mogoarene Hospital of our intentions. The Minister of Health Dr Aaron Motsoaledi has also been invited. This will be a peaceful and disciplined sit in that will target the administration block and will not disrupt the delivery of healthcare services.

The Gauteng healthcare system is broken. It needs an urgent turnaround strategy to clean the dirt in the system and to get rid of all the corruption and mismanagement that continue to deprive public healthcare users of their Constitutional right to access quality healthcare services.

Our members and members of our communities have had enough of the decay in our public healthcare system. We will hold politicians accountable for their indifference to the suffering of other human beings. We will not accept the way our dignity is being trampled on by the corrupt and the politically connected. In line with the resolutions of our recent National Congress we will take off the gloves and start a healthcare revolution. Thelle Mogoerane is ground zero. The revolution starts tomorrow.



Details of sit in & media briefing:

Wednesday 1st November

10h00 – 12h00

Thelle Mogoerane Hospital (administration block)

We will conduct the briefing live on facebook at https://facebook.com/TreatmentActionCampaign/

We will be live tweeting proceedings at https://twitter.com/TAC


For more information or to arrange interviews contact:

Leonora Mathe | Leonora.mathe@tac.org.za | 078 150 0481

Lotti Rutter | lotti.rutter@tac.org.za | 072 225 9675

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