TAC handing over relief efforts

TAC is no longer accepting donations from the public, but instead requests that all donations be given to the various aid organisations that are providing aid relief to the various shelters and camps. It appears that the humanitarian organisations that usually do this kind of work have got the situation under control. TAC wishes to thank everyone for the enormous generosity seen in terms of time, money and goods received over the past weeks. Our deepest gratitude to those who responded to this terrible crisis. If you would like to make a donation, we encourage you to please call one of the organisations below:




Mustadafin Foundation

Opposite Wembley, 18 Belgravia Road, Athlone

021 633 0010/083 953 3231 

(Ebrahim Smith)


7 Transvaal Street, Paarden Island

021 511 4153/082 935 3353 

(Andre Olivier)

South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF)

22 Cornflower Street, Bridgetown

021 638 5108 

(Abduragmaan George)

Salvation Army (Western Cape Division)

No 85 Mynard Road, Wynberg

021 761 8530 / 083 304 9483 

(Carolyn Correia / Neville Hitchcock)

South African Red Cross Society (Western Cape)

21 Broad Road, Wynberg

021 797 5360

UCT Refugee Centre


021 422 1490

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