Mopani Sexual Assault Campaign Brief Report

Nkowa Nkowa at Ritavi Magistrate Court

On 16 July 2010 Tzaneen Branches/ Mariveni/ Kgapane/ Khujwani/Dani/ Joppie/ Ramalema/ Mogapeng had a sexual offence campaign /march/ to support a rape case for sentence for a father who raped his step daughter. It was a follow up on this rape case as we started this follow up from March until now. About 96 People attended together with our partner organization profound group. The challenge we had last time on a certain clause on the permission letter not allowing us to sing was resolved, we were singing and others were inside the court.

The case was postponed to 18 July and we were concerned about some procedures where we went to see the prosecutor (Mr Ramarumo) with the mother of the survivor. He gave us answers that did not cerstisfy us as there were rumours that the perpetrator was granted bail and we called the investigation officer Ramatseba and he referred us to the same prosecutor and we had no choice but to go back to him and seek sense answers. We went back to the prosecutor Adam/Nkhensani and the survivor `s mother and later joined by Mashudu.

He assured us that the perpetrator was not given bail and also explain to us why the process is taking long. He indicated that after the investigating offices has done his work this includes test results which are done on separate dates and results were back and after that they should do application to get the results which is to be done on another day, the investigating officer will hand everything to the prosecutor and then he has to apply for a date for the case for first appearance in regional court and that has to be determined by the availability of the judge for prosecution. All processes the motto is application.

He indicated that we must be patient as they are trying their best that when the time for the case arrives they should have everything to back up the case (enough evidence). He also indicated why they are not calling the mother every time when the perpetrator is appearing. They will call her when it is to be prosecuted.

Way forward

We will continue to support this case but it will be only few people who will go and\ attend from branches who are doing GBV not all branches and we will keep on updating members and we will have many people on the day for prosecution.

For more it is still to be discussed.
Nkhensani Mavasa
CHA Coordinator
TAC Mopani

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