A Special Message to You from Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Dear Comrades and Friends,

Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu – human rights icon, Nobel Peace Prize winner and friend of the Treatment Action Campaign – calls on your much-needed support to save the Treatment Action Campaign.

Today the future of the Treatment Action Campaign, South Africa’s most iconic and successful post-apartheid health and human rights movement, is at threat.

Donor priorities have changed and funding for AIDS is rapidly diminishing. Yet at the same time we are seeing huge new challenges that face the response to HIV in South Africa with medicine stockouts, weakening health systems, growing evidence of poor adherence to treatment, and the spread of drug resistant-tuberculosis.

South Africa needs the Treatment Action Campaign now more than ever.

“I ask you to come to the support of the TAC. Please show solidarity and prove your belief in others’ humanity by donating to the TAC in the organisation’s time of need.” 

Please donate today to support the Treatment Action Campaign:

“HIV/AIDS brought out the worst and best in us. Political paralysis caused delay and confusion. Death blighted the land. But citizen activism led by the Treatment Action Campaign in particular restored hope and dignity. The actions of the TAC were a vindication of our wonderful constitution.

“Today in South Africa millions of people receive ARV medicines and AIDS is no longer the cause of fear, darkness and the destruction of life that it once was.

“But my message to you is that AIDS is not over. Thousands still die and are newly infected. AIDS is not over while one person still needs ARV medicines or dies of Tuberculosis. It is not over until the last new HIV infection. It is not over until the evils that drive HIV, like rape and violence against women and children, are defeated.” 

There is still a long road ahead.

“Let us show that we will invest in our own quest for social justice Let’s keep activism and accountability alive.” 

Please donate today to support the Treatment Action Campaign:

Invest in life, dignity and democracy. Invest in the TAC.

Yours in the struggle

Anele Yawa – TAC General Secretary

Nkhensani Mavasa – TAC National Chairperson