Welcome to the Mopani district office

Mopani district office

Physical address:         27 Peace Street


                                      Riar Prosperitus Building

Postal address:            P.O. Box 489

Mopani district office

Physical address:         27 Peace Street


                                      Riar Prosperitus Building

Postal address:            P.O. Box 489



Office phone number:  015 307 3381

Office e-mail:                mopani@tac.org.za


Contact Person:           Mashudu Mfomande- District Coordinator

e-mail:                          mashudu@tac.org.za

mobile:                          072 808 2590

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About the Mopani office

The Mopani Office was opened March 2008 but started to function fully in March 2009. Since we established this office we have been working hard in strengthening branches around Tzaneen Municipality. We managed to place 20 PTLPs in Tzaneen and Letaba Municipalities. At first we were scattered around four municipalities and now we have re-focused to two above-mentioned municipalities. We have experience the challenges of shortage of formula milk, condoms and sometimes shortage of VCT Kits. We have done PTL Workshops for partners NGOs in the district, Hope Humana, Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE), Vuyani Youth Project and workshops for our branch members. The CHA programme has been actively involved in organising and running door-to-door campaigns of different issues. TB and HIV, Cervical Cancer and Mobilisation of communities for the district march.  

Mopani staff:

Mashudu Mfomande:            I joined TAC in 2004. I am a very friendly person and

District Coordinator              network easily with people. I love working for TAC because

mashudu@tac.org.za           I enjoy helping people and saving lives, advocating on behalf of

                                          others, seeing things changing in the communities I’m working in

                                          and I love working with passionate people.



Cedric Nukeri                        I am someone who values good things and give respect to people. Also 

District Manager                   very unique and eager to learn various things about life and more   

cedric@tac.org.za                 social activities.



Nkhensani Mavasa              Joining TAC has help me to identify the inner self and I have 

CHA Coordinator                 contributed in saving lives of people living with HIV and assisting in 

nkhensani@tac.org.za        resolving challenges in my community in Giyani and through out 

                                         the Limpopo Province.        



Lester Baloyi                           I joined TAC in 2003, The Prevention Treatment Literacy Programme is an 

PTL Coordinator                      empowering programme for people lining and affected by HIV. I enjoy educating 

lester@tac.org.za                    people about ARVs, Opportunistic Infections and related social aspect.



Petronelle Mothiba                   Slender activist and hard worker, I joined TAC in 2005

District Administrator              and am still standing. TAC has empowered me to be 

petronella@mail.tac.org.za      who I am today



Mary Mphande                         I love working for TAC, but I like it more when I got 

House keeper                          involved in campaigns and Treatment Literacy 

mary.mphande@tac.org.za     Training and activities



Adam Malapa                          I joined TAC in 2004, and ever since 2006 I have been passionately 

PCR Officer                             submitting photographs and article to Equal Treatment and comments in 

adam@tac.org.za                   few websites. I love working with a camera, video and so passionate 

                                             about writing for a good cause.



Tebogo Makhalemela      I love to help the community at the same time learning from those communities. Through 

PTLP                                Treatment Literacy I have developed a growth in knowledge on how ARVs work and 

                                       identifying and managing side effects of the Treatment.



Alson Maluleke           Since 2005 when I joined TAC till now TAC still has a lot to do, reaching so many people 

PTLP                            out, working as a PTLP give me an advantage to assist people and being closer to the 




Jennifer Milambo    I love to work with communities and since I joined TAC, I have an Opportunity to advocate 

CHA                         for people and working with branches inducting them on human rights issues and how

                               branches can take forward advocacy work in their communities. Mostly in Giyani, the

                               challenges we find in communities such as rape and shortage of treatment in health facilities,

                               we try our best to resolve them. CHA programme has demonstrated an impact of changing

                               people’s lives, from passive to empowered communities and individuals.


Florence Mhelembe