Health Workers

Equal Treatment December 2005 (issue 18) may be reproduced without permission (sources must be appropriately acknowledged) except for the following portions: – ZipZap Circus photographs, which were taken by Eric Miller and belong to Medecins Sans Frontiers – Photo by Eric Miller on page 16, which is copyrighted by Eric Miller/iAfrika photos. – Cartoon on page 19, which is copyrighted by James Francis ( – Photographs on page 21 of Zwelinzima Vavi and Cheryl Carolus, which were found using and were used without requesting permission – Cartoon on page 32, which is copyrighted by John Fewings (

Error: The quote attributed to Sister Du Preez on page 12 contains an error. It should be read so as if the sentence “It is also necessary to end political party conflicts which often lead to failure of community involvement in the clinic.” does not appear in it. This erroneously attributed statement was included as a result of a misunderstanding between Du Preez and the journalist who interviewed him. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to Sister Du Preez.

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