Thembokhwezi Branch Workshop

On the 13th of June 2009 the Thembokhwezi Branch held a workshop which gave an overview of TAC and education on TB. The attendance was impressive and the workshop a success. This is what participants had to say.

Branch Leaders:

I am glad to be here because I learn things that I didn’t know, so I will be able to teach other people. I am looking forward to the next workshop – it was a good workshop, so keep up the good work. – By Phumzeka Tapane

The workshop has revitalised our spirits, with the new information that we learned in the workshop, the history and the victories TAC has achieved, will definitely give us the strength to run for another 10 years. With the hope that the minor hick-ups we have encountered in the planning of this workshop. I am so looking forward to another workshop. A nation that doesn’t know its history can not be regarded as a nation. So I am positive that the workshop had good outcomes in a sense that members gained relevant information and are now ready to go out there and do our duties in fighting for people’s rights and educating others. – By Lizo Zosiwe


Other Branch Members:

  •  I know more information about TAC & TB and I can teach other people,
  • TAC has improved my knowledge and understanding about HIV/TB,
  • Accommodation in terms of food and place was not well prepared,
  • The workshop was extremely good and I have learnt a lot, I can educate other people or share my knowledge,
  • It was a good and productive workshop,
  • There were no ground rules, so it was difficult to expect any thing,
  • I got the power to talk to other people,
  • I learnt that a pregnant HIV Positive women can know how to prevent her baby from getting HIV Positive,
  • Cell-phones were not switched off,
  • Some people were disruptive while facilitation was going on,
  • Not all our Volunteers attended,
  • Disruptions of people entering and exiting while education in progress,
  • Some of our members arrived late and starting time was late,
  • Catering was later for others,
  • In the next workshop people have to be reminded properly,
  • The place was fine,
  • TAC Overview Facilitator did not know vision and mission well,
  • Other than that it was a great workshop and we are looking forward to the next workshop, hopefully improved and no money problems, 


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