TAC honoured for its contribution in fighting HIV in South Africa

Today, 14 March 2011, The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) and its General Secretary, Vuyiseka Dubula, will be honoured by Shared Interest at a gala event in New York.

The prestigious 17th Shared Interest Award giving ceremony honours TAC for its pioneering work in HIV treatment in South Africa. Vuyiseka is honoured for her leadership in the organisation.

The award comes at the time when TAC is twelve years in existence and recently launched its first decade history book publication. This month, Statistics South Africa released a report on a new model that estimates that South Africa ‘s AIDS mortality is declining from 257 000 in 2005 to 194 000 in 2010 meaning that the expansion of the HIV programme slows down AIDS related deaths.

TAC and Vuyiseka see this award as recognition of the hard work of its members on the ground that without them achievements would not have been possible. This is a reminder that we must not give up but continue to fight until every person living with HIV has access to decent and quality health towards realising their right to dignity, equality and life. The award comes at a time when our achievements are under threat due lack of or cuts in human and financial resources to achieve universal access.

Shared Interest mobilises resources for South Africa’s economically disenfranchised communities to sustain themselves and build an equitable nation.

For more information on Shared Interest, go to You can contact Vuyiseka directly for an interview by sending her an sms on +27 82 763 3005.