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SANAC Resolution on SA Country Position in Negotiations for the UN High Level Meeting

Thirty years into the AIDS epidemic, and 10 years since the landmark UN General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS, the world will come together to review progress and chart the future course of the global AIDS response at the 2011 UN General Assembly High Level Meeting on AIDS from 8–10 June 2011 in New York. Deliberations on the draft declaration to be adopted at the conclusion of the HLM have commenced and some of the delegations have raised concerns regarding lack of consensus on key issues and principles that must underpin this new declaration.

In light of these, South Africa has taken a resolution that sets out the country’s position and seeks to guide deliberations to ensure that the Declaration is comprehensive, forward-looking and human rights based. Click here for the statement of resolutions issued by the South African National AIDS Council (SANAC) on the country’s position.


The UN Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS is a commitment made by all heads of state and Governments and Representatives of States and Governments convened at the Special Session of the General Assembly  in June 2001 to review and address the problem of HIV/AIDS in all its aspects and to secure a global commitment to enhancing coordination and intensification of national, regional and international efforts to combat the pandemic in a comprehensive manner. The full Declaration can be found here: