HIV & TB Response

“I run for TAC because I am alive after being on ARV’s for 11 years mostly thanks to TAC”

Vuyiseka is a TAC member from Cape Town openly living with HIV. On Sunday 2nd November Vuyiseka will be running the 42km Soweto Marathon and she is calling for your much needed sponsorship and support!
Back in 2012 the TAC formed a famous ‘bus’ in the Soweto Marathon made up of over 100 people. This helped a group of runners living with HIV to sing and run to the finish line of their first ever marathon. It was a victory on many levels. After that the TAC launched a group called “Runners and Walkers for Health”, of which Vuyiseka is an integral part, to promote running and walking as part of healthy living for people with HIV. This year the TAC has another group of runners living with HIV registered for the Soweto Marathon who will wear their distinctive HIV positive vests, sing as we run and hand out condoms and information about healthy living throughout the marathon. A Comrades Marathon finisher, Vuyiseka will be leading the 42km bus.

Question: Why do you run?

Answer: First and foremost it’s because I believe in healthy lifestyle as part of the prevention of unnecessary illnesses. I also run to publicly encourage people living with HIV to also be involved in some forms of exercise and challenge themselves that they can do it. Doing one race will motivate them to do more.

Question: Why do you specifically want to run for TAC?

Answer: I run for TAC because firstly, I am alive and I have been on ARV’s for 11 years. I have an undetectable viral load all these years and I believe it is mostly thanks to TAC. TAC taught me about my health, the science of HIV as well as treatment literacy and politics. TAC is my movement and it is part of my DNA. I also do this to raise awareness about human rights of people living with HIV and to raise funds make sure TAC around to help other people.

Question:  If you had to motivate other runners to run for TAC in 3 sentences, what would you say?

Answer: Join me in taking your medication everyday. Run for your health. You become less depressed when you run.

Question:  What does it mean for you to run?

Answer: Running is personal and political. It’s not just about chasing the wind. It is about the joy of running with your comrades. We also bring singing while we run and we use that time to bond as well. We are way more happy after a good run.

Question:   If you could run with one person even if they are not runners who would it be and why?

Answer: I would run with many people. Anyone, but I am already part of a TAC group. I am already running with my two brothers as well as, Tantaswa Ndlelana, Qhaba Mosuli, Thanduxolo Mngqawa, Mark Heywood, Helen Schneider, Graeme Meintjies, Jonathan Berger, and anyone who enjoys running long distance while singing.

To sponsor Vuyiseka you can donate online here:

* Vuyiseka is a member of the TAC Board of Directors and works at Sonke Gender Justice.