Civil Society Solidarity on TB HLM Declaration

Below are a list of statements and actions that have taken place so far in support of the inclusion of TRIPS flexibility language in the United Nations (UN) declaration on tuberculosis:

  1. Global Coalition of TB Activists and Treatment Action Campaign intervention at AIDS2018 panel on TB: 


  1. Indian civil society groups letter to their government:  


  1. European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) open letter calling for the EU to support developing countries and include TRIPS flexibilities in the  Declaration: 


  1. AIDS Kampagne Letter to the German government: /


  1. Media report on US Groups letter to US government:


  1. Asia Pacific Network of People living with HIV/AIDS (APN+) statement and briefing note:


  1. Communiqué issued from delegates from 11 countries convened under the umbrella of the Nairobi Strategy on Tuberculosis and Human Rights:

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