Antiretroviral (ARV) Sites

Accredited Public Antiretroviral Facilities

Here are lists of state clinics that provide antiretroviral treatment (including CD4 and viral load counts) free of charge. The data is provided by the Department of Health. Please use the comment facility on this webpage to describe the quality of service you have received or to update or correct these lists.

Private Antiretroviral Treatment

The Joint Civil Society Monitoring Forum website provides a list of private doctors who have experience treating people with HIV. Please use the comment facility on this webpage to describe the quality of service you have received with any of these doctors or to suggest doctors (with their contact details please) that are not on the list.

Also, to find a private doctor in your areas with HIV expertise, email or phone (011 453 5066) the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society.

Obviously TAC cannot take responsibility for the accuracy of the information on this webpage.


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19 July, 2009 – 16:53 — quitsmoking

Important Drugs

These are important drugs that needs ample supply. Let’s hope they manage to stock up more of it. There should be more initiative to support this actions.

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17 July, 2009 – 20:35 — fool

That’s good news

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17 July, 2009 – 12:07 — wesselynorth

A Sight of releif for HIV patinets

This is a really vital piece of information and will definitely help the HIV patients from all quarters of life.

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13 July, 2009 – 02:59 — MariannaBella (not verified)

Not everyone can afford

Not everyone can afford medication and it’s great that there are clinics that are doing this. I’m sure someone will be grateful for the links posted here!

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11 July, 2009 – 19:43 — mobie

This is a very big help to

This is a very big help to those who needs treatment. Treatment of such ailment is no joke because it would involve lots of serious medical attention. These free clinics truly are manna sent from heaven. Thanks for this highly useful listing! Mobie fromhonest riches | holly mann  

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8 July, 2009 – 22:56 — James999

List of acredited clinics

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4 July, 2009 – 06:05 — sophie87

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It’s nice to see that these clinics are providing free treatments. Although I don’t know about the quality of the service but of course I can say that the ideas of giving free treatment as well as giving comments facilities through websites are excellent.

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12 July, 2009 – 10:31 — gognod

private and public treatment

Is there a big difference between the drugs used to administer to patients who go through private health care as opposed to the publicly funded hospitals and doctors? Beads supplies

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27 June, 2009 – 17:27 — Brain

Great action been taken

It is amazing that there is great action been taken by various NGOs and other organizations to create awareness regarding doctors who can help/aid in HIV related issues.

Also that these hospitals that treat patients should have good amenities so that the person can feel less of a patient and more like there is someone who will cure his disease. Good bedding including pillows and foam mattresses should be standard in all such hospitals.