Combat quackery

The Treatment Action Campaign has been fighting against quackery since the early days. During the era of denialism in South Africa many claims were made for possible treatments of HIV and alternatives to ARV’s. Some of these claims promoted products which were detrimental to the health of people living with HIV.

TAC undertook campaigns against these claims, the most notable being the case against Mathias Rath.

The number of these cases has increased over time.

This has prompted the established and launching of an informative website (Quackdown) that will assist people make informed decisions about certain products in order to protect their health.

Quackdown helps people make informed choices about health care. We discuss treatments for various diseases and expose people and companies who sell untested health remedies. To us it does not matter whether the seller of a medicine is a pharmaceutical company, a complementary or alternative health dealer. What matters is that the medicine has been tested properly and does what it is claimed to do, safely.”

Quackdown was started as a joint project of the Treatment Action Campaign and Community Media Trust

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