Build local and provincial leadership for HIV

TAC has been actively involved in the South African National AIDS Council since its formation.  TAC advocated for the drawing up and implementation of a National Strategic Plan for HIV and TB. Proper governance structures needed to be put in place at a provincial and local level to ensure proper implementation of the NSP. These included;

  • Provincial AIDS Councils
  • District AIDS Councils
  • Local AIDS Councils and
  • Clinic Committees

The structures are responsible for overseeing the implementation of the NSP at a local level.  Civil society participation is vital at all levels of these structures. TAC is represented at a national level and in some provincial and district structures.
The challenge has been that not all of these structures are functioning in all provinces; TAC continues to call for the proper functioning of these structures at all levels and has been capacitating branch members to sit in these structures as TAC delegates.

Internally, branch and provincial leaders have been continuously capacitated to oversee the formation and functioning of local structures and to advocate for improved HIV and TB services.
This has been achived through our internal training curricular and through  publications and joint publications with our partners.

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