TAC Receives Nelson Mandela Health and Human Rights Award at Ceremony in Johannesburg Tonight

6 October  2003
Venue: 107 Central Street Houghton
Time: 16:30

The Treatment Action Campaign was awarded the Nelson Mandela Health and Human Rights Award for 2003 earlier this year. Tonight the award will be handed to members of the TAC at a ceremony in Houghton, Johannesburg. The award is sponsored by the Henry J. Kaiser Foundation.

This is a time of great hope in the effort to alleviate the HIV epidemic. Government is in the process of finalising an operational treatment plan which has the potential, if properly implemented, to save hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of lives.  In accepting the award, the TAC will outline the responsibilities of government and the private sector towards the HIV epidemic. The TAC will also explain its own responsibilities and how we will assist to ensure the treatment plan is a success.

We are honoured to receive this prestigious award. Many TAC members have died of HIV/AIDS over the last few years in the struggle for access to treatment. It is to their efforts and our memories of them that we will dedicate this award.