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Update on Zimbabwe Health and Political Crisis

PHR Report

The political troubles in Zimbabwe have taken a toll on the population’s health. A severe cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe and the surrounding region including South Africa, Angola, and Mozambique continues to claims more lives. The situation is critical.

Many people are struggling to get clean water and enough food. The cholera epidemic seems to be gathering new momentum. Figures released by the WHO show a massive increase from a “cumulative total of 48 623 cases and 2 755 deaths, with an overall fatality rate of 5.7 per cent”.

According to the Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) in a report released last week the cholera outbreak is fuelled by the collapse of Zimbabwe’s health, water, and sanitation systems. The report points out that the decline in the nation’s health care system is “exacerbating the country’s HIV/AIDS epidemic.” The increased efforts to treat cholera and other infectious diseases present an “acute” threat to inpatients AIDS care in Zimbabwe says Dr David Sanders who was part of the PHR team.

Demonstration to Demand the Restoration of Democracy in Zimbabwe

Join the demonstration hosted by PASSOP, TAC and other organisations at the Inter-Parliamentary Union meeting on Thursday 17 April 2008 from 12pm to 2pm at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

Also read the memorandum TAC will hand over to the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

March to end human rights abuses in Zimbabwe


  • Call to march by the Save Zimbabwe Campaign Coalition

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