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Manto Tshabalala-Msimang

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Why TAC is protesting

 A health system in crisis and without leadership: A TAC briefing sheet

23 August 2006

TAC response to allegation that we trashed SA exhibition at AIDS Conference

 Sibani Mngadi, the Minister of Health's spokesperson claimed that TAC members trashed the Department of Health stand at the International AIDS conference in Toronto. This is a gross exaggeration. We passed the exhibition's lemons and garlic cloves back and forth to mock the idiocy of the stand but these were eventually given back to the stand's officials.

Call for Global Day of Action

TAC calls for a global day of action on Thursday 24 August 2006 End 1000 new HIV infections and 800 deaths daily in South Africa Build a global united front for HIV prevention and treatment


 On 15 August 2006, the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) learnt that an inmate with AIDS in Westville Corrections Centre died in King Edward Hospital.

We hold the government in particular the Minister of Correctional Services and Minister of Health responsible for this unnecessary death and suffering of this inmate.

TAC Electronic Newsletter


  • Long waiting list for antiretroviral treatment at Mahatma Gandhi Hospital in Durban

Why prisoners with AIDS must be treated

An edited version of this article appeared in the Argus on 29 June 2006 under the heading: ARV ruling for prison spotlights access to health for all

Fatima Hassan responds to the Minister of Health's spokesperson's racist nonsense about TAC in the Mail & Guardian

Sibani Nmngadi, the Minister of Health's spin-doctor has called Mark Heywood and myself from the ALP the 'rational and reasonable' lot in the TAC. I am offended. I have a reputation to defend and dammit I will. I have always prided my self on being anything but rational and reasonable. Ask my parents. And anyone who works with me knows that I am a foolish hotheaded lawyer who thrives on being unreasonable, especially in court. Mostly I have to be reigned in.

Jonathan Berger Responds to the Minister of Health's spokesperson's racist nonsense about TAC in the Mail & Guardian.

 Jonathan Berger is a researcher in and head of the Aids Law Project's Law and Treatment Access Unit

Sibani, thanks for your insightful analysis of the TAC.

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