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Where to find the perfect Birthday weekends?

There are many ladies out there who want to give their husbands, boyfriend’s, and loved ones, a great birthday. However, you need to remember that the one thing better than a birthday (with more emphasis on day) is an entire weekend filled with birthday pranks and birthday surprises. If you want to give your loved one a great surprise on their birthday then make it an entire weekend of fun and happiness.

ALP memorandum on state antiretroviral tender

The AIDS Law Project (ALP) has written a memorandum explaining the serious problems with the antiretroviral tender that the state has put out.

Medicine Prices

See the latest (or nearly latest) antiretroviral and other prices in the public and private health systems.

TAC complains to the Competition Commission about the anti-competitive conduct of the world's largest pharmaceutical company


  • TAC lodges complaint against MSD and Merck over failure to license key antiretroviral drug, efavirenz, on reasonable terms.
  • Full complaint is available at:

TAC Electronic Newsletter


  • Briefing on TAC and SAMA v. Rath and Government of South Africa in the Cape High Court on 26 April 2007

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