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Equal Treatment

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A typical African Safari in Kenya

Safari…anytime that one hears of this word, the images of the African wild leap into mind. Suddenly there is a pull that you cannot resist, a very strong urge to go and be at one with Mother Nature. The good thing is that if Africa is your dream holiday destination, you will never regret it and you will get more than enough value for your money. The good news is that the fun does not stop there because if you are duly prepared, you can come back with the best safari videos.

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I was returning from trip with my household members and was at the airport in Ft. Myers, Florida heading back again to New York. Going by way of the security checkpoint is fairly normal now and my loved ones is aware of the drill:

TAC Recruiting for Editor of Equal Treatment Magazine

TAC is currently looking for a new editor for our high quality magazine for people living with HIV, Equal Treatment. Here are the job requirement and details on how you can apply.

Equal Treatment

TAC's magazine, Equal Treatment, is a high-quality magazine that we distribute for free. We try to produce it five times a year.

Call for Tenders for the Cover Page of Equal Treatment

The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) would like to invite submissions for the cover page of its Youth and HIV Issue of Equal Treatment. Equal Treatment is the magazine of TAC and has a wide readership across Southern Africa. For our first issue focusing specifically on youth we are looking for photographs and/or illustrations and/or other types of graphics for the cover page. Although the issues in the magazine focus specifically upon HIV, we are open to creative submissions of almost any kind.

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