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Scientific developments in HIV and TB

TB x-ray from Wikipedia Commons

There were many scientific studies on TB and HIV at the 16th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI). While the reports on TB diagnostics were bleak, there have been advances in TB treatment, particularly the use of prednisone in patients with Immune Reconstitution Syndrome related TB. There were also important scientific findings presented on how TB can be managed more effectively using existing technologies. Data on drug-resistant TB continues to be very concerning, with some studies reporting extremely high mortality rates.

Confronting the Crisis of TB and HIV in Southern Africa

Confronting the Crisis

A report from an Emergency Southern African Advocacy Summit on TB and HIV held in Johannesburg, South Africa 16-17 August 2007. Co-sponored by the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), AIDS & Rights Alliance for Southern Africa (ARASA) and the South African Treatment Access Movement (SATAMO).

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An advocacy agnda on TB and HIV for governments, health care workers, researchers, civil society and regional and international agencies.

TB in Our Lives


A detailed guide to TB, with emphasis on co-infection with HIV, aimed at people with advanced treatment literacy skills.

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TAC Electronic Newsletter

 TAC/TAG Africa TB/HIV Workshop

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