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Why Procera AVH?

It has been said that if a person got affected by some forms of cognitive loss or problems, these folks look as if like he/she is out of the realism as well as his/her current place. As of this, there is a big issue that those individuals so close to them have to be very enthusiastic to realize and provide the basic affection and consideration these individuals necessitate. In today's time, You would observe it a bit interesting that a enormous amount of individuals get easily pressured.

TAC Khayelitsha hosted a Zip-Zap Circus in Khayelitsha

TAC Khayelitsha with its allies hosted a Zip-Zap Circus in Khayelitsha


Cosmetic Dental Work in Costa Rica

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Cosmetic Surgery Abroad – Breast Implants and Breast Surgery Options

Many women, whether because they’re dissatisfied with their looks or because of accidents or surgery, wish to improve the appearance of their breasts. However, most cosmetic surgery procedures in the U.S. are not covered by insurance unless that surgery is medically necessary.

Looking for a cosmetic surgery centers that can offer what you’re looking for and one that offers a board certified plastic surgeon or affordable reconstructive plastic surgeons is often difficult. Don’t take chances by choosing cheap plastic surgery.

Study shows children on HAART do extremely well at South African clinic

At the 16th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) Dr Tammy Meyers presented data from a large cohort of children on highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) at Harriet Shezi Children's Clinic in Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, Soweto, South Africa.(1)⁠ Of 2,102 chidren initiated on HAART over a four year period (April 2004 – March 2008), 1734 (82%) are alive and in the programme. Most of these children started HAART with severely compromised immune systems. Based on studies of untreated children at this stage of HIV disease(2)⁠(3)⁠, it is fair to say that nearly all would have been dead had they not been placed on HAART. By the end of the study, half the children had been on HAART for at least 17 months. 

Analysis shows that more than 90% of the cohort had less than 400 copies of HIV per millilitre of blood after 18 months on the programme1, indicating that treatment was effective. On average, CD4 percentage rose from 11% to over 25% (in children CD4 percentage, rather than CD4 count is used because it is more stable). HIV-positive children on average weigh less and are shorter than HIV-negative children of the same age. The children in the cohort showed remarkable improvements in both these measures.

*Please note that the young girl pictured in the photos above is not enrolled on Harriet Shezi's treatment programme; she is enrolled on ART through a similar programme at a rural Eastern Cape health facility. The photo on the left was taken shortly before she started ART, the photo on the right is of the same girl six months after having been initiated onto antiretroviral treatment. Hers is one of the thousands of paediatric ART success stories in South Africa.

List of Public Health Facilities Providing Antiretrovirals - 2006

Last updated: May 2006

The AIDS Law Project and Treatment Action Campaign obtain this information from the Department of Health. We are not responsible for its accuracy or the quality of service obtained at any of these sites.

Download a spreadsheet version of this information.
Download a PDF version of this information.

Antiretroviral Sites

Find a public antiretroviral site or private doctor where you can be treated for HIV.

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  • Press statement by the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society on interrupting antiretrovirals and other HIV-related drugs during the strike
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