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Girls Weekends – An A-La-Carte Escape

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Malawian Justice System Violates Human Rights

We condemn in the strongest terms the conviction of Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga in a court in Blantyre for committing so-called “unnatural acts”. Steven and Tiwonge were arrested in December 2009 after celebrating their engagement and have been in jail ever since.

Please sign the following petition demanding their release:

(Photo copyright: Reuters)

on transit for justice

On the 6th of June 2006 almost three years ago I discovered that I was HIV positive. I was for the first time permanently lost for words, but at least I was finally at peace with why I was dismissed from DHL International a courier company based in Isando few months earlier due to an unknown illness, it was ‘HIV’ my CD4 count was less than 280 I was constantly sick I was coughing blood, losing weight, and fatigue was kicking in, I was emotionally and intellectually incapacitated, but unlike millions I had a chance to change my life and turn things around for better. I must admit it was difficult at first, but I knew the truth and I was in liberty to make right decisions especially a crucial decision to live and appreciate every second with humbleness and courage.

Arrest of MSM in Senegal

Abdoulaye WadeOn December 22 2008, nine men were arrested in Senegal and charged with "committing acts against nature" and "establishing an illegal organization". On January 6 2009 they were convicted and sentenced to eight years in prison.

It is believed that the charges were laid against these individuals because they are men who have sex with men and active in HIV prevention and treatment organizations in the country.

Photo: President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal. Source Wikipedia.

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