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Omaha Steaks... Boneless Pork Chop!

Whether you are in the mood for something elegant like our Pork Tenderloin or Boneless Pork Chops or something to sink your teeth into like our Smoked Pork Loin Ribs and Shredded BBQ Pork, you're sure to find something to satisfy your hunger for pork! So here is Omaha Steaks. Steaks could be one-stop-shop for your entire gourmet fantasies.
Omaha Steaks

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Invitation to Attend the Thembi's Memorial Service

Date:    Friday, 12th June, 2008
Time:   14:30pm until 17:00 pm
Where: Zanokhanyo Training Centre, No 1 Corner of Fumane and Qamela Street, Harare Khayelitsha

Details:  We would like to extend to you and your organisation to a Personal Invitation to attend Thembi’s Day Memorial Service to be held at the Zukhanyo Training Centre. If you are getting lost, call Klaas at 076 034 8770

We offer this special service as a way that families, friends, colleages can share with others their feelings on this day. The service is non denominational, and will provide an opportunity for you to commemorate that special role that thembi play in our lives. One person from your organisation can have a say a word on your behalf.

After the service, refreshments will be provided, so you are welcome to stay and share a cup of tea and a chat.


Klaas Karabo Adilan Monatisi
076 034 8770


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