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  • Briefing on TAC and SAMA v. Rath and Government of South Africa in the Cape High Court on 26 April 2007

Statement by Coalition Against Fraudulent Claims about Medicines

Patrick Holford

1 March 2007

Patrick Holford is currently touring South Africa promoting his philosophy on nutrition. Mr Holford has made some dangerous and unproven statements. We respond here to a few of these.

TAC Electronic Newsletter


  • Tenofovir Campaign details and memo

Medicines Control Council must stop dragging its heels on life-saving drugs

 By Nathan Geffen

Published in the Cape Times on 20 February 2007

TAC Electronic Newsletter


  • HIV/AIDS denialism dealt an irreversible blow! Now, how do we prevent HIV infections, save lives and build a decent health system all?

Dealing with fraudulent claims about medicines

On 26 September 2006 a meeting was held at UCT, Cape Town relating to the fraudulent claims that are being made about medicines. The key speakers at the meeting were Fatima Hassan (AIDS Law Project), Leon Grobler (Advertising Standards Authority) Professor Peter Folb (former head of the Medicines Control Council).

Meeting to form coalition against fraudulent claims about medicines

A group of scientists, activists, regulators, lawyers, doctors and academics met at the University of Cape Town's Centre for African Studies Gallery on 26 September 2006.

South African Health System Requires a State of Emergency

 By Gordon Tlama Mthembu, TAC Ekhurleleni District Co-ordinator

This is an unedited version of a letter published in City Press on 3 September 2006

Why TAC is protesting

 A health system in crisis and without leadership: A TAC briefing sheet

23 August 2006

TAC Electronic Newsletter


  • Massive youth march for HIV prevention in the Eastern Cape today

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