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AIDS Denialism

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TAC Electronic Newsletter


  • Judgment will be handed down in TAC and Others v. MEC for Health, Western Cape and Others in Cape High Court at 10:15am Tuesday, 26 June 2007.

TAC Electronic Newsletter


  • Message of condolence to Minister Jeff Radebe and the family of Ian Phillips

TAC joins ARASA in condemning AIDS denialism in Zambia

The Treatment Action Campaign endorses the following statement by the AIDS and Human Rights Alliance of Southern Africa.

Human Rights and AIDS Organisations Condemn Rise of HIV Denialism and Quack Cures in Zambia


Statement by Coalition Against Fraudulent Claims about Medicines

Patrick Holford

1 March 2007

Patrick Holford is currently touring South Africa promoting his philosophy on nutrition. Mr Holford has made some dangerous and unproven statements. We respond here to a few of these.

TAC refuses to be distracted by Anthony Brink's lunacy

The Treatment Action Campaign would like to inform the public and the media that it refuses to waste public resources in dignifying Anthony Brink's lunatic call for the International Criminal Court to prosecute its chairperson Zackie Achmat.

Anthony Brink's actions serve only to insult the rationality of all sane people a

TAC Electronic Newsletter


  • HIV/AIDS denialism dealt an irreversible blow! Now, how do we prevent HIV infections, save lives and build a decent health system all?

TAC Electronic Newsletter


  1. Letter written by scientists to President Mbeki

South African Health System Requires a State of Emergency

 By Gordon Tlama Mthembu, TAC Ekhurleleni District Co-ordinator

This is an unedited version of a letter published in City Press on 3 September 2006

Why TAC is protesting

 A health system in crisis and without leadership: A TAC briefing sheet

23 August 2006

TAC response to allegation that we trashed SA exhibition at AIDS Conference

 Sibani Mngadi, the Minister of Health's spokesperson claimed that TAC members trashed the Department of Health stand at the International AIDS conference in Toronto. This is a gross exaggeration. We passed the exhibition's lemons and garlic cloves back and forth to mock the idiocy of the stand but these were eventually given back to the stand's officials.

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