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Immigrants and Refugees

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Update on Relief Efforts

An estimated 17,000 people have been displaced. At this time there are four big security shelters to which many people have been redirected, sometimes against their will. These facilities are Silverstroom (Atlantis), Youngsfield (Kenilworth), Soetwater (Kommetjie) and Harmony (Strand). There are still satellite churches, mosques and public shelters, however, even these are overcrowded. We had hoped that the city would have open the Civic Centre and other community halls, which they did not do, and thus we are left with many people with no place to go and no idea about the future.

As the Civil Society Coalition, we have been providing food, blankets, toiletries and other amenities along with medical care, and legal consultation to this body of distressed people. We have a comprehensive list of all facilities housing displaced people, and we try to ensure that they are fully stocked with whatever they require three times per day.

Emergency Humanitarian Relief Effort in Cape Town in Response to Xenophobic Violence

Approximately 10,000 people have been displaced across Cape Town by xenophobic violence

TAC and the AIDS Law Project would like to extend thanks to all of the individuals and organisations who have assisted us to provide humanitarian relief to displaced people. In particular we would like to thank Sonke Gender Justice Network and ARASA for their help in coordinating the relief effort and Habonim Dror for providing us with a constant stream of volunteers and donations of food and other necessities.

Stop the violence! – sign your name

We plan to run the following advertisement in major national newspapers. Sign your name to support this campaign. We are also asking prominent South Africans to sign up.

Who will protect me when someone comes to do me harm?

Stop the Violence!

If I allow Zimbabweans, Somalians, Mozambicans or any immigrants or refugees to be killed, robbed or hurt, who will protect me when someone comes to do me harm? We are all part of some group: Xhosa, Zulu, Indian, Jewish, Muslim, Lesbian, Gay, Coloured, White and Black… any of us can be attacked. The attacks on refugees and immigrants can turn into attacks on fellow South Africans at any moment. Attacking refugees and immigrants will not bring jobs, houses or anything except misery and insecurity for everyone. We must all act to end the attacks. The world belongs To all who live in it. Click here to sign up

Xenophobic Violence: Western Cape Emergency Civil Society Task Team Established; WC Security Forum established

Since Sunday 11 May 2008, xenophobic violence has swept through Gauteng. Beginning in Alexandra, the violence rapidly spread to two dozen communities across the province, including the inner city of Johannesburg. At least 23 people have been confirmed dead, hundreds injured and more than 7000 people dispossessed and displaced. So far the Western Cape has not experienced the levels of violence witnessed in Gauteng. But we have seen isolated attacks against foreign nationals, and have received information on further planned attacks. A meeting of over 20 civil society organizations was held in Cape Town yesterday to discuss a strategy for pre-empting what has happened in Gauteng from spreading to this province.

Government must take decisive action to stop violence

The Treatment Action Campaign condemns the wave of xenophobic violence sweeping through communities in Gauteng. We call on Government to take action to halt the violence; to put in place a national strategy to protect the safety, health and well being of victims of xenophobic attacks and to take steps to prevent the violence from spreading further.

Welcome to South Africa? New issue of Equal Treatment reports on the systematic abuse of the rights of immigrants

The 25th issue of Equal Treatment (June 2008) contains a special report on the systematic abuse of the rights of immigrants.

Update on Central Methodist Church Raid

PASSOP and TAC hold demonstration against police brutality and xenophobia

Joint ALP/TAC Submission to Parliament on the Refugees Amendment Bill

On 26 March TAC and the AIDS Law Project presented a submission to Parliament on the Refugee Amendment Bill.

Health situation of asylum seekers, refugees and undocumented persons: A submission to SANAC

A submission has been made to the South African National AIDS Council (SANAC) on the health situation of refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented persons.

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