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Immigrants and Refugees

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Home Affairs Memorandums and Responses

Letter Regarding Rapid Status Determination (29 September)

This letter expresses the deep concerns with aspects of the DHA Rapid Status Determination process carried out in the camps.  It highlights specific concerns where the DHA had undertaken certain assurances in meetings with civil society and those were not met during the process

For more detailed reports of the DHA process in the Western Cape, please see the Assessments and Reports section

Letter to Home Affairs Regarding Shootings at Nyanga Refugee Reception Office

Legal Case



It is now more than two months since the xenophobic violence occurred, government has failed to remedy the situation and conditions of people at camps and in halls despite being fully aware of the worsening problem. Despite at least thirty official letters, six memoranda, many requests for information, over two hundred pleas for humanitarian and other assistance and extensive meetings with representatives of City and Provincial Government as well as many peaceful, non-violent protests and demonstrations, no meaningful change has taken place in the material conditions of people living in the camps and other safety sites; indeed the conditions have become worse.  While everything possible was done to avoid legal action, there now remains no choice but to ask for a court order for minimum international norms and standards on living conditions to be met at the camps and halls.


Court Documents

Report on displaced people in the Western Cape

TAC, the AIDS Law Project (ALP) and other civil society organisations have published a detailed report of conditions in the refugee camps and places of shelter for displaced people in the Western Cape. The report was completed on 18 July and updated on 21 July.

Download the report.

Assessments and Reports