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Another Picket in Follow Up for Resources for Health Campain in Mopani

Members of Treatment Action Campaign picketed and handed over the memorandum to the Mopani Executive Mayor and The Acting Manager for Mopani Department of Health. Amongst other demands, they said they need commitment from political leaders and government administrators in implementing HIV and AIDS programmes. Must unfreeze the accreditation of primary health care centre for rollout of Anti-Retroviral treatment. 

The picket was staged during the World AIDS Day commemoration at Khakhala village in Giyani


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Ekurhuleni's PLWHA Support Group Candle Lighting ceremony

Ekurhuleni PLWHA Support Group Candle Light Ceremony

15 May 2009

Budget and Expenditure Monitoring Forum

The Budget and Expenditure Monitoring Forum (BEMF) is a group of civil society organisations that monitors the National Strategic Plan on HIV and AIDS 2007-2011 (better known as the NSP).


Resources for Health Campaign

The Resources for Health campaign is focused on meeting the NSP targets for HIV/TB prevention and treatment by 2011 by providing additional resources for health.

The NSP aims to accomplish the following goals by 2011:

Mopani Door-to-Door for Mobilisation

 On the 17 July 2009 we are going to march to the District Department of Health Offices. We intend to start our march from the open space opposite Giyani Magistrate Court thenwe will use the main road to the Mopani District Department of Health where we are going to hand over the memorandum of demands.

Post TAC Ekurhuleni visit

This week I met two remarkable people , remarkable for me because they’ve made it so far and just helped put a bit of perspective on my own situation. I’ve walked away from each encounter with the though that Yes I can Luckyboy at TAC Germiston, must say a list of 40 things that I want to do seemed like a lot but then I started working on it, although the details are vague but I’m moving away from bewilderment to item no 12 --- going to Egypt. Sometimes you meet people like that and wish “if only I had known you at the very beginning” still you were probably not the wise old man you are right now --- There’s a saying about having to get through it to get past it, I’m just stepping into it and I can only hope there’ll be people to pull me back when I step into the mire and Nokhwezi sister I hope we do meet, but I do feel silly about letting myself be scared by the stress-bogeyman who has no form or color .

HIV is not in recession: TAC and other PWA activists demonstrate peacefully at the IV Southern African AIDS Conference

On Thursday 2 April, TAC activists together with many other HIV activists held a protest at the 4th Southern African AIDS Conference in Durban. The focus of the protest was 'HIV is not in recession!', timed to coincide with the G20 meeting in London and the focus of world leaders on costing a multi-trillion dollar bailout to stabilise the global economy.

As activists peacefully toyi-toyi'd from the people living with HIV gathering room, security guards began to amass. By the time protesters had walked downed the stairs, they were surrounded by a human chain of guards. As activists sang protest songs and held posters stating 'Bail out health care', and 'No more ARV waiting lists', security guards began to push activists outside. One of the security leaders instructed Victor Lakay, TAC's head of Community Health Advocacy and one of the members of the conference's organising committee, to disperse the protest or face expulsion from the conference hall immediately. Activists had their badges snatched from around their necks as the protest continued.

About TAC's Community Health Advocacy Programme



Programme Goals and Objectives

TAC’s Community Health Advocacy Programme aims to strengthen community health advocacy and leadership in order to:

  • improve access to and uptake of health services
  • realize health and gender rights;
  • improve community knowledge and literacy on health rights and policy;
  • develop leadership capacity among women and people living with HIV/AIDS to advocate for their rights and to realize the right to access to comprehensive health and social services with a particular focus on HIV treatment and prevention services.

The Community Health Advocacy Programme achieves this by –

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