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Eco-Friendly Roofing Products

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If you live in Oklahoma City or the surrounding area, you’ve probably gotten to know a number of roofing contractors. The severe weather in this area wreaks havoc on roofing materials in both commercial and residential applications. Even when you have homeowners insurance, the deductible can be a yearly drain on your finances. In addition, debris from roofing jobs contributes literally tons of refuse in landfills all across America. However, you don’t have to remain a part of this spiral.

Eco-Friendly Products

There are several eco-friendly roofing oklahoma city products on the market today. Each of these is just as affordable as traditional roofing.

·         Metal roofing is lightweight and easy to install, and far more durable in severe Oklahoma weather than other types of roofing. The heavy gauge metal used in roofs in this area can withstand devastating hail storms, howling tornadoes, and just about anything else that nature can throw at it. Not only that, the materials are easily recyclable if your roof does, for some reason, have to be replaced. In addition, the metal is powder coated with a reflective paint that keeps your house cooler, reducing electric bills. This type of roofing is a great eco-friendly solution for a pitched roof.

·         TPO, or Thermoplastic Olefin, is the perfect eco-friendly product for flat roofs. Often called a “green” roof, TPO is a durable material that is very resistant to punctures and tears. It is an excellent way to reduce solar heat indoors. It reduces your summer energy bills in that sun room. TPO doesn’t take very much maintenance, either, and will last for years.

A Popular Product

There are millions of square feet of TPO membrane manufactured every year. The reinforced, single-ply fabric is increasing in popularity faster than any other roofing product.

This material can be adhered to the surface being covered, which is a tremendous help with the winds we have in this area. This adhesion also makes TPO a great application for steeply pitched roofs and domes, as well.


The construction of TPO enables it to remain flexible in low temperatures. The polymer technology involves use of plasticizers to help keep it flexible. TPO, however, is manufactured without chlorine, which sets it apart from other flat-roof, sheet fabrics. The TPO fabric is actually in two layers, with a reinforcement fabric sandwiched in between.

While the TPO  sheets may be held down with metal fasteners there is no leaking because the sheets are overlapped. Your roofing oklahoma city contractor will determine which width of fabric is right for your roof, and how close together to place the fasteners.

TPO can also be “welded” with hot air. The resulting seam is even stronger than the normally reinforced fabric. The seams can be sealed, as well as joints around exhaust vents and pipes. Flashings also can have the TPO sealed to them.

The popularity of TPO roofing materials is well deserved. If your roofing contractor recommends it, you won’t go wrong with the choice.

For superior roofing services in the Oklahoma City area, contact Houseman Roofing. Their skilled roofing professionals and friendly administrative staff will work with you for the perfect roof.