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video production los angeles

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I was returning from trip with my household members and was at the airport in Ft. Myers, Florida heading back again to New York. Going by way of the security checkpoint is fairly normal now and my loved ones is aware of the drill:

Present your ID, move forward to the line for the x-ray machine, start off unloading backpacks, jackets, eradicate sneakers, put laptops in a separate bin, yada yada. Push the bins on the rollers into the x-ray machine and walk previous the TSA agent by the magnetometer. Assuming you don't set off the machine, wait for your person items to pass thru the x-ray machine, and you now get dressed after additional.

Other than this time, an agent grabbed my carry-on bag and took it back to the x-ray machine to be re-x-rayed. Ok, I thought, this is uncommon. In my carry-on I had the subsequent goods: GPS unit, my video production los angeles clip digital camera, some audio equipment, and my Macbook laptop (which I took out and put in a individual bin).

Instantly immediately after viewing my bag arrive by way of a second time, I watched the agent get my bag from the rollers and pass it when more for a third time by way of the machine. Now I was fairly curious. Following this third pass, the TSA agent grabbed my bag and asked me to come to the inspection site. Ok. She commenced to eliminate the things I explained the GPS unit, my video clip camera, and then arrived the revelation, "Aha, this is what the concern is."

She was keeping my XLR adapter and asked me what it was. I told her it was audio tools that permitted me to attach expert microphone devices to my video digital camera.

Here's how it will work: I use a wireless lapel microphone which is attached to a transmitter that will get attached to my belt. I also use a receiver which is driven by a wall outlet, which sits close to the video camera. In order to send the audio signal from the receiver to the video camera, there have to be a connecting wire from the audio receiver to the camera.

I use a Sennheiser G100 Evolution method and this unit has only an XLR plug, which is a typical three prong plug. The XLR wire has to attach to the camera. Thinking about that my camera has only a mini-jack (like a headphone jack) I involve an adapter, hence the will need to have for an XLR adapter. With out the adapter, I would be unable to use my wireless microphone. (There are other wireless microphone systems that have a mini-jack and do not require an XLR adapter, even so, mine was not an individual of them.)

Soon once I defined to the TSA agent what an XLR adapter is and why I employed a person, she looked at me and stated "Oh, Okay. We in no way saw an individual of these prior to. Go correct ahead."

The moral of the tale: Following time I'll pack my XLR adapter in my baggage.