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TAC income and expenditure in response to people displaced by xenophobic violence

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On Friday 23 May 2008, the TAC began co-ordinating an emergency response to assist people displaced by xenophobic violence. TAC raised an unprecedented amount of money and goods and services donations from the public. In the interests of transparency, we provide here a draft income and expenditure statement for activities up to 3 September 2008. Our response continues, albeit that we are winding it down. The income and expenditure sheet below excludes the donations, many of them very large, and discounts we received. The reconciliation below is draft, subject to change and unaudited. TAC's audits are usually completed in September of each year and report up to the end of our financial year-end in February.

An easier-to-read PDF version of the table can be downloaded here.

Humanitarian Income: R 3,125,044
Humanitarian Expenditure R 3,120,312
Humanitarian Balance: R 4,733
Advocacy Income R 1,006,258
Advocacy Expenditure R 854,929
Advocacy Balance R 151,329
Monitoring Income: R 332,285
Monitoring Expenditure R 218,325
Monitoring Balance R 113,960
Total Income R 4,463,587
Total Expenditure R 4,193,566
Balance R 270,022

Food Stuffs  
Basic Dry Goods R 1,295,332
Meat R 35,762
Milk R 4,493
Baby Foods R 139,743
Fruit and Vegetables R 57,667
Material needs  
Blankets R 121,042
Plastic ground sheeting R 10,024
Mattresses R 20,497
General R 80,493
Rain Jackets R 115,257
Cleaning Products R 3,734
Sanitary Products R 34,255
Baby Products R 53,275
Toiletries R 30,226
Phamacueticals R 10,252
Misc R 12,047
Vehichle Hire R 66,861
Driver Hire R 44,500
Petrol R 27,089
Equipment Hire R 174,809
Contingency / Sundry R 500
Electricity R 2,976
Accomodation R 292,745
Transport R 160,647
Materials - humanitarian information  
Production R 19,962
Staff R 80,200
Office Expenses
Telephone and Fax R 12,330
Stationary R 11,518
Refreshments R 59,113
Sundry R 3,271
Security R 4,058
Airtime R 20,806
Computer Equipment R 20,816
Still to be allocated R 94,012
TOTAL R 3,120,312
Cape Town Parliament Protest March R 216,191
Media R 381,363
Johannesburg UNHCR Protest R 60,035
Khayelitsha Demonstrations R 20,000
SJC Community Meeting Against Xenophobia R 10,000
Civic Centre Sit In R 15,045
Western Cape Demonstration R 15,001
Western Cape Triple Demostrations R 25,738
Salaries for Press Officer R 20,250
Demonostration outside Cape High Court R 4,920
Johannesburg R 25,000
Petty Cash R 11,384
Social Justice Coalition Anti-Xenophobia Activities R 50,000
TOTAL R 854,929
Salaries: R 111,775
Overheads R 3,450
Petty Cash expenses R 14,503
Consultants Fees R 24,200
Printing R 24,397
Johannesburg R 40,000
TOTAL R 218,325



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