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Civic Centre Liveblog

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One day later, 13 June, 17:20 About 100 of the Caledon Square Group continue to sit in. They are being supported by about 25 TAC members. The city and province met for hours yesterday and again today, yet there is still no decision on what to do. It's quite absurd. From Sunday morning, the the whole Caledon Square Group has absolutely nowhere to go. --Nathan Geffen

18:20 I have now left the Civic Centre, but will try to provide further updates if their are any development regarding the continuing occupation of the building. --EG

17:42 It is a scandal that the Province and City could not establish a joint task team until now. After four hours of meetings, they have not even been able to open a single hall or offer the comrades from the Caledon Square Group accommodation. Therefore, the Caledon Square Group will stay here and spend the night in the Civic Centre. A group of TAC comrades will stay with them. Hopefully we will be able to bring food and blankets for the comrades who stay. It is truly shameful that the City and Province cannot do better than this. --EG

17:19 This is what Smit says:

  • The City and Province have set up a joint task team — they are to have a workshop tomorrow to figure out a way forward;
  • The issues are complex and they ask our patience and to allow them time to address them;
  • On our other demands, they promise to address them tomorrow in the meetings of the new task team (his point is that the problem is a long-term one and there won't be any immediate solutions);
  • They ask us to leave the building and, while they won't force us out, they will lock the doors for the night. (Are they seriously threatening to incarcerate us in the building without arresting us?). --Eduard Grebe

17:15 Hans Smit, the City's Housing Director has just arrived and is speaking to Zackie, we're waiting on the report.

17:05 Some of the protesters were apparently told by police that the building must be cleared by 17:00, though there have not been any moves to forcibly remove us or arrest us as yet. (It must be noted that the building's security officials have been courteous and helpful, unlike the Metro Police, who are more aggressive.) We are staying put until we are briefed as promised.

17:00 No-one from the City has come to speak to us yet, despite about an hour having elapsed. We are starting to wonder what the plan is. Are they deliberately deceiving us, or are they just being slow?

16:25 We are still waiting... As yet there is no evidence that the Mayor's callous attitude has changed.

16:05 We have been promised that the Deputy Mayor will brief us in 20 minutes. We are calmly waiting around.

15:15 The police are refusing to let any more activists into the building. After a councillor's intervention, food was let in for people inside. Zackie was told by an officer that they may arrest us all. We are going nowhere so we'll see what happens.

14:00 The City and the Province are meeting. We are waiting to hear the outcome. Some of our people have gone to look at the sites being made available by the Province.


Good work, guys. And thanks

Good work, guys. And thanks for the live updates.