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TAC's Campaigns

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NB: We have planned major improvements to the campaigns part of the website.

TAC campaigns for access to medicines for all people with HIV, to prevent new HIV infections and for a better public health system. We run a large treatment literacy programme, which provides scientifically accurate information to people with or at risk of HIV, their family, friends and supporters on the prevention and treatment of HIV. We also run a women's health campaign, an international solidarity campaign (whose current focus is on health in Zimbabwe) and a people with HIV mobilisation campaign. TAC has a policy, communications and research department, whose aim is to develop and provide scientifically accurate information about the epidemic to all people.

Resources for Health Campaign

The Resources for Health campaign is focused on meeting the NSP targets for HIV/TB prevention and treatment by 2011 by providing additional resources for health.

The NSP aims to accomplish the following goals by 2011:

Preventing, Diagnosing and Treating TB: A human rights approach

TAC has released two key position papers on TB.

"How does a preventable, curable disease become the leading cause of all natural deaths in SA, and the leading cause of all AIDS-related mortalities on our continent? Well, first we take drug-sensitive TB, a perfectly curable form of tuberculosis, and mismanage it for decades in health structures with poor infection control, weak diagnostic capacity, insufficient education on TB, inadequate resources and minimal political commitment. We observe substandard cure rates and increasing mortality figures. Over time, our poorly functioning TB programmes are manufacturing drug-resistant TB strains — the result of inadequate or incomplete TB treatment — but we don't worry about this too much until multidrug-resistant (MDR) TB explodes in our faces." -- Paula Akugizibwe, AIDS & Rights Alliance for Southern Africa

Heywood on Politics and Health

Mark Heywood's draft articles on politics, human rights and poor global health

A series of draft articles by Mark Heywood on politics and health.

HIV/AIDS National Strategic Plan (NSP)

South Africa's acclaimed HIV/AIDS National Strategic Plan (NSP) was endorsed by Cabinet on 3 May 2007. It was a fine example of how civil society and government can work together to alleviate the HIV epidemic. Here you can find the NSP itself and its costing annexure.

TAC Newsletter, Documents and Statements Archive

An archive of TAC's electronic newsletters, memos and other publications since its inception on 10 December 1998.

Prisons court case

Durban High Court orders access to ARV treatment for prisoners at Westville Prison

AIDS Law Project Analysis on HIV and Prisoners

SANDF HIV Discrimination Case

In May 2008, the High Court ruled against the South African National Defence Force's discriminatory policy of excluding HIV-positive persons from recruitment, external deployment and promotion in the military. The AIDS Law Project, representing the South African Security Forces Union and HIV-positive soldiers, had taken the SANDF to court because the matter is of national and international significance. The Court's order means that:

  1. The SANDF can no longer automatically exclude HIV positive people from recruitment, external deployment and promotion;
  2. That the individual applicants are entitled to immediate relief. In particular T.C.M. is to be employed as a trumpeter and Sipho Mthethwa is to be immediately reconsidered for external deployment; and
  3. The SANDF must amend its health classification policy within six months to allow for individualised health assessments of recruits and current members of the armed forces.

Further resources:

Debunking AIDS Denialism

What is AIDS denialism?

It is the promotion of one or more of the following pseudo-scientific views: (1) HIV does not cause AIDS, (2) the risks of antiretovirals outweigh their benefits and (3) there is not a large AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa.

Here we present links to documents debunking these myths. We also present links to documents showing the dire consequences of AIDS denialism.

Key documents explaining the science of HIV/AIDS

The Evidence that HIV Causes AIDS

The Wrongs of Matthias Rath

Matthias Rath is the definitive charlatan. Armed with huge amounts of money, megalomania, a lack of conscience and most importantly, the support of South Africa's incompetent Minister of Health Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, Rath has sown confusion in South Africa about the treatment and prevention of HIV. The Rath saga demonstrates how damaging politically-supported AIDS denialism is.

Photographs from TAC (or related) events

We do not update this page very often unfortunately. TAC has a huge collection of photographs. Only some of them are in digital format, even fewer are on the website and not all of them are on this page. We have not at this stage sorted our photographs for easy access, so if you do email us requesting a photograph, we might not be able to meet your request. 

See the back issues of Equal Treatment (available on the website by selecting Equal Treatment on the menu) for more photographs. 

What do South Africa's AIDS statistics mean? A TAC briefing paper

An article explaining what statistics we know about South Africa's AIDS epidemic and how we know them.